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Gel Polish collection “Fancy” + “GLOSS" Top Coat

Gel Polish collection “Fancy” + “GLOSS" Top Coat

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GEL POLISH B90, B91, B92, B93, B94, B95, Victoria Boro soak off gel polish is the latest generation gel polish. Medium consistency, perfectly pigmented. The colour palette consists of over 100 colors to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Capacity – 6 colors- 7ml.


• Prepare nails for gel polish. Perform a manicure, polish your nails with a polisher (180 grit).

• Apply on a natural plate DEHYDRATOR. Let it dry.

• If the nails are weak or the gel lacquer tends to bounce off, apply a free edge to the ACID FREE PRIMER.

• Apply one of the bases LUXURY BASE COAT, STRONG BASE COAT. Polymerize for 60 sec. LED (48 W).

• Apply the colored layer of gel lacquer SOAK OFF GEL POLISH. Apply with 2 coats. Fully polymerize each layer. Polymerize for 60 sec. LED (48 W).

• Apply one of the top coats of NO-WIPE TOP COAT, LUXURY TOP COAT, GLOSS  TOP COAT OR GLOW TOP COAT (GLOW top coat only for hard gel nails). Polymerize for 60 sec. LED (48 W).

• After polymerization you must wait 2 – 3 min. Until the gel cools down and only then can the dispersion layer be cleaned with CLEANER. If the top layer without the dispersion layer is still, you must wait until it cools down.

• Apply CUTICLE oil.

• Polish your nails with a dry cloth to make your nails shine.