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Soak Off Gel Remover 100ml

Soak Off Gel Remover 100ml

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Soak Off Gel Remover - Gel-polish, soak off gel system removal liquid. In ingredients included lanolin which help to moisturize nail plate.

Amount - 100ml.

Gel Polish Manicure Removal

Using soak off liquid (Soak Off Gel Remover)

  1. Buff the nails surface using nail buffer or file 180 grit.
  2. On dry wipe apply Soak Off Gel Remover and put on the nail
  3. Quick wrap it inside the foil and leave it 
  4. After 5 minutes remove gel polish gently with cuticle pusher or wooden stick
  5. Shape the nails with file 180 grit and very gently buff the nail surface with nail buffer.


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