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Strong Base Coat 15ml

Strong Base Coat 15ml

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Are You having a problems like... ?
  • Gel Polish manicure won't last for Your clients?
  • Manicure chipping after a week or few days?
  • Client says the nails don't feel 'strong'?

With any of our Strong or French Base Coat they'll be lasting a weeks and clients will be surprised of super long lasting!

Strong Base Coat – it's very strong, clear base gel for gel-polish manicure. Thicker consistency. Perfect for nail strengthening.

Amount: 15 ml


Shipping time 2-3 working days from order day.

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  1. Prepare natural nail for product application. Do a correct manicure, buff the natural nail using buffer or file - 180 grit. 
  2. Apply Nail Prep or use/spray Dehydrator. Let the product dry out.
  3. For better lasting/ nail end sealing on very thin or weak nails is recommended to use Acid Free Primer on  the whole nail or just to seal the end of it.
  4. Apply the Strong Base Coat and cure (polymerize) it for 60 sec in LED (48 W) lamp. 
  5. Apply the gel polish color - Soak Off Gel Polish. Use in one coat or two coats if needed. Every layer polymerize separately for 60 sec in LED (48 W) lamp. 
  6. Apply Top Coat - No Wipe Top Coat or Luxury Top Coat or Matte Top Coat. Polymerize for 60 sec in LED (48 W) lamp.
  7. After polymerization (curing) leave it to cool down for 2-3 minutes. If used Luxury Top Coat need to remove dispersion (sticky) layer with Cleaner. If used No Wipe Top Coat still leave it for 2 - 3 minutes to cool down for maximum shine and no need to remove dispersion (sticky) layer.
  8. Massage in Cuticle Oil.
  9. Polish the nail surface with dry wipe to get more shiny look.


     Using electric file
    1. Using removal electric file bit very gently remove the old product application. 
    2. Shape the nails with regular file 180 grit.
    3. Polish the nail surface with buffer to get it smoother.